Amazon Prime Products

Are you an Amazon shopper that has wondered why there is a prime logo on some products, or are you an Amazon seller that have great reviews but poor sales, then this is the article for you.
Founded in 2005, Amazon Prime was created to further cement Amazon mission statement of customer service, price and convenience. To subscribe for Amazon Prime, it cost $119 for adults and $59 for students per year, $12.99 for adults and $6.49 for students per month.

Benefits for buyers

The benefits of Amazon Prime for buyers range from a free 2-day shipping, availability of order delivery tracking, express delivery for Prime Now orders, free replacement, quick return of goods, to mention but a few. Also, offers like special streaming, access to deals and promos before non-prime members are the unique benefits or Amazon Prime for buyers. Check out their website at amazon for more details and a video that explains the benefits of Amazon Prime:

Benefits for sellers.

As mentioned earlier, the most prominent benefit of Amazon Prime is trust in its products, therefore sellers of products tagged as Prime get more customers because of their trust in Prime Products. Also, there is reduced competition in Amazon Prime, this is because the number of sellers on Amazon Prime are fewer than non-Amazon prime members, due to buyers’ trust Amazon Prime Products, the sellers are sure to get more sales. Another important secret about Amazon Prime Products is that Amazon search engines and voice search (Alexa) gives priority to Amazon Prime Products, this is to say that products tagged as Amazon Prime will be displayed first and perhaps recommended to buyers. Finally, sellers that use Amazon Prime have a higher advantage than their counterparts to land Amazon Buy Box, a very special yet rare opportunity for Amazon sellers.

How to be a member of Amazon Prime for sellers

There are 2 options for Amazon sellers to have their products amon Amazon Prime Products, the first is Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP) and Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA).

In Fulfilled By Amazon(FBA) option, Amazon handles the products’ storage, refunds, package, shipment, returns and even customer service. Of course, the seller pays for this service, this payment is calculated based on the size of the product, its weight, volume of sales and how long it stays in Amazon warehouse. Click on amazon to enroll for FBA.

In Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP) option, the seller takes care of the shipping and delivery and all other benefits offered to FBA members. In addition, to be eligible for SFP, the seller must have fulfilled at least 30 shipping orders in the past 30 days, the seller must meet Amazon shipping metrics, check out the metrics at amazon, the seller must have a Professional Seller Account, and finally the seller must go through a trial process. Amazon has made SFP strict so that its members can meet up to the expectation of Amazon buyers. Click on amazon to enroll for SFP.