Instagram Insights: What Do They Mean?

Instagram Insights is a proprietary analytics platform that offers knowledge about your followers’ demographics and behavior, as well as information about your posts. This data makes it simple to analyze content, quantify promotions, and assess individual posts’ performance. To grow your Instagram profile, you can follow the top 10 Instagram growth strategies with SimplyGram.

A business account is employed to get Instagram Insights. When you transform a personal account to a company account, you can see Insights on any material shared since the conversion. If you move from a company account to a private individual account, you will lose all insights results.

Insights details can be found in three locations inside the Instagram application. Click the bar graph button in the upper right corner of your account settings to gain insights.


This segment displays the cumulative amount of acts performed on your account in the previous week, accompanied by a list of other metrics. Here are some Instagram numbers and what they mean:

Profile Visits – the percentage of users who have looked at your Instagram account.

Website Clicks – the number of users that have tapped on the bio’s webpage.

Email – the number of times people already selected Email.

It must be remembered that this portion of Instagram insights only shows data from the last seven days. Nevertheless, specific Instagram insights resources, including Hopper HQ’s Analytics, will display data from the last 28 days.


The following segment shows the Instagram account’s effective implementation and impacts using two primary metrics: Impressions & Reach.

Reach – the number of distinct accounts which have seen all of your entries.

Impressions – the average amount of times the articles were seen.

This week-by-week data is instrumental because it helps you to evaluate your reach based on particular campaigns. Monitoring such indicators is essential for determining if your attempts to boost the Instagram account are working, so it should be a core component of every social media marketing campaign.

Activity Monitoring

As a result, the Activity tab in Instagram Insights shows the impact of your profile along with specifics of how users communicate with it. This should be remembered, though, that this segment of Instagram Insights is restricted to the last seven days.

This figure would typically be more significant than your scope because accounts that support you are more inclined to see more than one of your updates — which is a positive thing. You expect your fans to be curious enough to read several posts from yourself. When you find that there is not much of a disparity in both figures, it might mean how you are not updating as often as you can or that your fans are not getting as many posts as they should. Keep the posts as engaging as practicable by using the strength of Instagram Stories. To do just that, keep a keen eye on Instagram Stories analytics. By reviewing your average Instagram success daily, you will gain a deeper understanding of your viewer’s desires and wishes. They will not skip something and will be ready to refine the content as required.