What are the Rules of Gun Safety?

Guns are not toys, hence should be handled with so much care by the users. This is not only to protect themselves on the shooting grounds but to also protect other users. Whether you are practicing shooting sport or shooting for recreating, there are some safety rules you have to know. They include:

Loaded gun

Always treat the gun as loaded. Any person who attends shooting courses learns this life-saving rule. You never know if the former user or even you left the gun loaded or unloaded. This will help you avoid injuries that can occur.

The only way to ensure the gun is not loaded is to ensure the chamber is empty before using the gun. After using the gun, always check if the chamber is empty.

Point in the right direction

When shooting, always point the gun in the targeted direction. Note that there are other shooters on the shooting range, and not pointing your gun at the target can cause chaos and panic.

Before shooting, take your time and ensure the nozzle is pointing in the targeted direction. Some shooting grounds will place targets at a distance to ensure the shooters have a clear target.

Wear the right gear

Ear guards are a must every time you go shooting. This is to protect your ears from shooting sounds. Did you know the sound a gun makes can cause ear bleeding and even deafness?

You do not want to risk your hearing abilities by carelessness and not taking care of yourself well.

Other gears you might need are gloves and eyeglasses. Some places will require you to wear closed shoes, a reflector, and soft hand gloves.

 Listen to your instructor

Always ensure you follow the instructions given by the shooting instructor. If you have to use a certain gun, maintain a certain range or hold a gun in a certain way, always ensure you follow the instructions given.

If you are a first-time shooter, you will probably have an instructor guide you through all the shooting processes. To ensure you advance in your skills, you must follow all the instructions given.

Shoot at a target


The first precaution you will be told when you go shooting is, probably, shoot only at a target. You are not supposed to shoot at hard surfaces, as the bullet can bounce back and hurt you.

Before shooting at your target, grip the gun well, ensure you have full-body support, and aim at an intended target.

In addition to this, ensure you know what is behind the target. This should not be a hard surface as mentioned earlier.

Point down when not shooting

If you are in a shooting position but not ready to shoot, ensure the gun is pointing downwards. Be careful, however, not to point at your foot because if the safety is removed you might injure yourself.

In conclusion, always take the gun as a weapon with the ability to hurt you. If you, however, take the above precautions, you can take care of yourself and other shooters.