How many airports are in Auckland?

There is only one airport in Auckland. Auckland’s airport is the largest and of course the busiest airport in all New Zealand. In the year ending in March 2019, the Auckland Airport hosted around 21 million passengers. It is located near Mangere, a suburb that is 21 km away from Auckland City center. Another feature of an airport is its parking charges. People who travel usually leave their cars at the airport because they don’t have any other mode of transport to go to or come back from the airport. They need to know about the Auckland airport parking rates or fares that they would have to pay to park their cars at the airport. These charges are charged for the safety of the vehicle as the airport then must take care of the vehicle. The parking fee that people may act as a security for their vehicle’s alongside acting as rent for using the airport parking space for parking their automobiles. Auckland Airport parking charges are divided into short stays and long stays. The daily rate for short stay parking is $35 for one day, $62 for two days, and $82 for three days. Each additional day costs $20. These rates were for the uncovered car park. For the covered car park, the charges are different. It amounts to $42 for the first day, $77 for two days, and $106 for three days.


Auckland Airport

The Auckland Airport is an asset of immense value to New Zealand. As it is a very large airport, it provides jobs to a large number of people. It is one of the two airports that are easily able to handle the Boeing 747 as well as the Airbus A380, which are some of the biggest aircraft around the world.

The airport can serve up to 45 flights taking off and landing in one hour within one single runway. This factor highlights the capacity of the airport, and the fact that it uses a single runway for all 45 flights per hour indicates that the airport is managed well.

Two terminals separately deal with domes and international flights, respectively. These terminals are at a distance of 500 m from each other and are connected via a free shuttle bus service. The element that the bus service is free means that it would be easy for people to change terminals, and they could avoid any chaos. The airport has 65 gates, 23 of which are with jet bridges, and 42 are remote stands for aircraft parking.

When talking about destinations and airlines, The Auckland Airport links with 26 domestic and 49 international places, which are in North and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Europe. You can also access the airport through two state highways, 20A and 20B, respectively.