How to Build an Offshore Development Team

Setting up an offshore development team is not hassle-free since you know none of the team members as you haven’t seen them or met them before. It is definitely complex to set up an offshore development team for your task, and most people disregard it and opt to outsource an offshore IT service to address the issues at hand. Offshore development is trending in the field of business and technology, that is why most businesses are now adopting it, and many companies across the globe offer offshore web development services. If you’re planning to build your offshore development team and you don’t know where to start from, this article provides an in-depth guide on the steps involved. Read the article to find out what it takes to build a successful offshore development team.

Look for Passionate People

As you embark on building an offshore development team, recruit people with similar working ideologies and principles as yours. Unfortunately, this can be challenging, but when recruiting people on your own, you can quickly tell whether they are passionate about the project or not. Building your offshore development team is advantageous when compared to outsourcing since you’re unaware of the people and their ideologies. By building your team, you’ll have the opportunity to find and recruit competent people.


When recruiting people, you’re simply after people who you can work with and trust. If you’re uncertain whether the people you are about to hire are trustworthy, then here are some quick ways you can use to determine whether your decision is right or wrong:

There are plentiful of fascinating company category ranking websites where you can check a team’s level of competency. By making use of them, you’ll get to understand whether the team you’re about to put in place is competent or not.

Do further research into their data to ascertain whether they have ever worked with other clients or not. If yes, reach out to them and inquire about their experience with the team. This is the only way you can be confident the people you recruit into your offshore development team are competent. Also, take note of the project that they may be undertaking.

Talk with the Developer

The developer, also known as the outsourcing provider, needs to be informed about what your framework entails. You must inform them about your expectations and the technologies that must be embedded to meet your business needs. Communicating with the developer often ensures there is quality control and enhances the possibilities of realizing and achieving the desired results.


Once you put in place your offshore development team, the next step is to execute proper management. Management is the key to the success of any team, and the offshore development team is no exception, although managing such a team is somewhat challenging. There are several ways of managing the team amazingly. For instance:

  • Ensure your business goals, processes, and strategies are stipulated to your team. Make sure everything is clear to them.
  • Be flexible enough to accommodate different cultural views and don’t let that be a stumbling block.
  • Establish effective and robust communication to aid handle quality control appropriately.
  • Allow your team to share experiences and be innovative.

Building a successful offshore development team doesn’t happen overnight as it demands a lot of research and effort. To achieve your goals, only choose passionate people willing to work and help you to meet your project needs.

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