Weighted Blanket Review

Innovations in bedding have been occurring for many years, be it mattresses or pillows. However, a recent surge in the popularity of the weighted blankets has turned a great number of heads as people are enthusiastic to find out what benefits this product can bring about. Weighted blankets are blankets that possess heavy weight – putting pressure and providing a feeling of being hugged by the person who snuggles in this blanket. Bringing with itself a variety of advantages, this blanket aims to help people with anxiety, stress, sleep disorders or even kids facing ADHD and autism. These blankets may prove to be helpful for anyone who wants to regulate their sleep cycle and ensure that their routine is perfectly set. However, before making any conclusive claims about the product, it is imperative to conduct more research about it. Thus, here is a review to aid your final decision regarding the comfort blanket as many people claim it to be.


Coming with a removable, 100% polyester cover made of mink, the blanket has a brown exterior made of soft cotton. It is filled with layers of padding which is all in polyester. Arriving in a variety of sizes, colors, and weights, these blankets are aimed at each individual with different preferences. The weights help to cater to both adults and children. The weight of the blanket is caused by the filling of small pellets covered in two to three layers of the polyester so that the pellets may not fall through the blanket.

The set-up of the blanket is no different than any other as it is contained in a large plastic bag just as normal comforters and it takes a short time to cover the blanket with the duvet. It is notable that the weight of the blanket is distributed evenly without there being any pockets in some spots. Providing a suitable level of warmth, the blanket is breathable and does not suffocate or overheat you.

It is recommended to hand-wash the blanket whereas the duvet can be put in the washing machine. Even after a number of washes, the blanket does not display signs of wear, which is a major positive aspect. With regard to its functioning, the blanket drastically helps calm down people with anxiety and stress, enabling them to stop fidgeting and easing into sleep like never before.

Some cons to consider are that people who have difficulty tying the duvet to the blanket may have issues with the blanket in the night as the blanket may move into uncomfortable folds. Lastly, it may be hard for tall people to fit right into the blanket as it is designed to fit into the contours of your body and thus may be small for your frame.


The blanket has thus proven to be a comfort blanket after all! Not only does it help ease any anxiety or stress, but it also provides relief and helps in putting you to sleep peacefully.