Marijuana Harvest and Curing – Milky Trichomes VS Amber Trichome

Cannabis is a recreational as well as a medical drug. Under growing pressure from the public, the government is legalizing cannabis all over the USA. It is by no means a small move. Estimates show that by 2022, the market for marijuana in the USA will grow by as much as 1,500%. Under these circumstances, you do not want to miss out on all the fun. Many people grow marijuana themselves now. However, not all of them are successful in getting high-quality output. It is because people generally choose to ignore critical technical aspects like Trichomes. If you want to take on the challenge of growing cannabis yourself, you have come to the perfect place. By the end of this article, you will have a more educated opinion on the main types of Trichomes.

What are Trichomes?

The Trichomes are present on the leaves of the cannabis plant. The primary purpose of the Trichomes is the production of cannabinoids and terpenes. There are many other chemicals as well that can work to increase the effect of cannabis. The different elements, like the THC level, also depend upon the Trichomes. There are two main types of Trichomes. This classification finds its roots in the stages of growth of the buds and the cannabis plant. These are:

1)      Milky Trichomes

The milky Trichomes get their name from the white flocculent material that forms on the leaves. During the last two weeks of the harvest, the growth rate of the buds become exponential. During these two weeks, the milky Trichomes appear as well. The white color of the trichomes shows that they are now close to the final stage. During this stage, you need to be more attentive towards the details. Remove any male flowers and nurture the female flowers. Also, it is not possible for you to see the Trichomes with the naked eye. Hence, you will need to use tools like magnifying glasses to make sure you can see the exact state of the Trichomes.

2)      Amber Trichomes

There comes a stage where the Trichomes turn into an amber color. When the amber color becomes visible, it means that the THC of the plant is breaking down into THC-A. If you want your harvest to provide a delightful yet light experience, you need to extract them at this point. If not, the potency will grow stronger. It all depends on how intense do you want the experience of cannabis to be.


If you do not know the difference between the colors of the Trichomes and what they mean, you will not be able to grow according to your expectations. To enhance the quality, it is essential to know about the different colors and the types of Trichomes. It will allow you to harvest cannabis at the time when it is in optimal quality. Many beginners fail to factor in this aspect. Due to this, they may fail to get the desired quality of the results.