The 10 Best Low Odor Strains For Growing Weed Indoors! (Low Smell)

The 10 Best Low Odor Strains For Growing Weed Indoors! (Low Smell)

To get high-quality weed at low costs, your best bet is to grow marijuana yourself. However, this is by no means an easy task. Many people try to grow weed themselves today. However, a common complaint amongst them is the smell of the plants. The scent itself may not bother you. However, it makes clear to anyone in or near the room that you are growing weed. If you want to avoid this issue, you have come to the right place. We will explain what you can do to prevent the smell of growing weed indoors.

Top ten low odor strains

  1.   Northern Lights
  2.   Northern Cheese
  3.   Polar Express
  4.   Blue Mystic
  5.   BC Mango
  6.   Jack Herer
  7.   Green Ninja
  8.   Hash Bomb
  9.   Master Kush
  10.   Wipeout Express


Now that you know about the best strains for a low odor, it is important to tell you about some important considerations as well. If you fail to factor in these points, using these strains will be of little or no use. One of the most important aspects here is the size of the strain. Anyone who has experience in growing will tell you that the strains that are bigger in format will have a stronger odor. It is because they have more material that emits the odor. Hence, you must avoid the usage of strains that are bigger in size. Instead, it would help if you preferred strains that have smaller sizes. Also, the density of growth is an essential factor as well. The plants must never be in small proximity to one another. If you are looking to avoid the odor, it is ideal if you keep the different plants in different locations. This way, the smell of the plants will reduce. You can also try some tricks to keep the odor of the plants minimal. One such method is to install air refreshers in your room. These air refreshers keep up a pleasant smell in the room that overcomes the potential odor of these plants. Also, if you use the “box within a box” technique, you can significantly reduce the smell. You will need to maintain the airflow however if you choose this technique. If not, the health of your plants will dramatically decrease.


The odor of the weed plants may be disturbing for many. One may also choose to avoid this odor to make sure the people in the surroundings do not know about you growing. However, it is essential to mention that no matter what you do, there will always be a little odor of the plants. It is not possible to overcome the fragrance of the plants thoroughly. To make sure there are no traces of any smell, you may have to perform additional tasks like covering the odor with air refreshers and other similar methods. However, you must make sure that the plans do not get affected by the use of any such purpose.