Why Buy at the Dispensary When You Can Grow Cannabis at Home for Cheaper?

Cannabis is a drug that people use for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. People also call it marijuana, Mary Jane and other street names. The government of the USA is all set to legalize cannabis in different states. Most recently, 11 more states are deciding to legalize the use of cannabis. The consumption rate of marijuana is all set to go through the roofs. The market for cannabis in the USA is going to increase by as much as fifteen times within the next few years. Under these scenarios, many people are growing cannabis themselves. However, the process can be highly confusing for many. There are many complications that may present themselves for the beginners who are looking to grow themselves. If you want to avoid these situations, you must know about the different aspects of the growth process. The following are some of them:

Points to consider

  •         Firstly, you must always choose the right kind of soil to grow. If the soil you want is not porous enough, there may be several issues in your harvest. Loam is a suitable choice in this regard. It allows enough air to pass through. Also, this soil can hold water significantly. The nutrients are also in abundance in this soil.
  •         You must also make sure that you provide the needed nutrients to the soil in a timely fashion. However, it will not work unless you give the exact amount. Deciding how much fertilizers the plant needs depending upon the nature of the harvest is an art. You can only master this art with experience. So, do not worry if you fail the first few times.
  •         You must always pay attention to the changes in color. These changes may be an indicator of the color of trichomes. Due to these changes, many signs may get an effect. The most important one is the overall THC level. You must know what the THC level of the yield is by just looking at the leaves. If there is an amber color, it means that the yield has a light THC level. However, if the color turns into milky, it means that the THC level is high, and the experience of the yield will also be intense.
  •         Lighting is another crucial aspect. You must know much lightning you need to provide to the harvest to get maximum results. Different stages require different lightings — for example, a gentle light works for the starting stages but not the maturity stages. At the maturity stage, you must provide intense light.
  •         The temperature control is essential to consider here as well. The most suitable temperature for growing is 18-25 degrees centigrade. If the temperature is any lower or any higher than this, the yield will have negative impacts. You may want to use a temperature control device for this purpose.

These are some of the main points that you need to consider in this regard.