Pinterest metrics: How to measure and what to do with them

Pinterest is a social media platform that should be on the to-do list of every individual. It would help if you realize that Pinterest is not like any other social media platform. Moreover, Pinterest has over 300 million users, and the numbers are increasing day by day. Therefore, it’s essential to get Pinterest followers.

What should be your priority regarding posting on Pinterest?

You should have cadence on the top of your mind as it is an entirely different experience than other channels. Posting of cadence shouldn’t be once or twice a day only. It should be multiple times. This is because Pinterest is all about how well you build your content. This leads to one more question. What type of pictures and videos should you post? For this, you must understand your audience.

  1. Know the number of clicks on the link: when you start to recognize the number of clicks on each post of yours, you’ll have an idea regarding the type of content you need to add. It will let you know the kind of content playing a significant role in converting those who pin into genuine customers.
  1. The number of impressions left: this will tell you how many times a Pinterest user has seen your post. The benefit is that it’s more genuine as the impressions don’t touch the peak the same day your pins go live. This also indicates the viewers’ likeness of seeing your pin or at least getting to know its details.
  1. Looking with a closeup: closeups will help you understand how many taps are made on your pin. Hence, by this, you will know how much attendance you can grasp with your post.
  1. The number of saves: this shows how many people are saving the pinned posts. The number of saves will help you identify the selection and taste of your audience. By this, you can continue making posts that are most liked by the audience. Moreover, it will also help you get more Pinterest followers when you start posting the pinned content.
  1. The number of engagements: if you want to measure engagement on Pinterest, it has to be measured by the number of clicks made on the posted links. It is the sum of clicks, comments, close-ups, and saves. The number of clicks and saves are related to conversations whereas, closeups and comments are linked to pinners.

Using boards and pins to make the final breakdown

After having a thorough overview of the metrics, you can dig deep to see the performance of boards and pins. At a single glance, you can view the number of pins generated in the last couple of days by simply putting a filter.

To summarize, the basics of Pinterest will help you identify your goals. This will help you bring into action a strategy that will be your next step towards success. The tools available on Pinterest will make the starting point easy for you, but it is up to you to successfully reach the end by diving in deep. If you look into the above-mentioned metrics, you will be better able to analyze the position of your account.